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Create your own *Michelin Stars* dining еxperience.


The dining room plays an important role in the modern home. The beauty of it is that, by design, its only purpose is to gather everyone around to sit down for a meal. However, for many of us, dining rooms are used for more than just eating. They're places where family and friends can hang out, study, play games, and, yes, eat. So here's what you need to know to make your dining room look fabulous:

Image designed by jp3d.visual via Freepik

Juicy Peach

EAN 3800045000686

The peach color has been popular for a long time, and for a good reason.
It is comforting and pleasing to the eye, delicate and feminine, and goes well with a wide variety of colors and tints.

Consider the light Juicy Peach to paint your walls in your dining area. Choose furniture with cream and beige notes and to complete the look you can add a wood element which will emphasize the modern feel. This color scheme gives a cosy yet classy vibe to a dining room.

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