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Wall & Ceillings Paint Color Weekend Matt, 2.5L 


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Key Characteristics




125ml/m². The content of one unit is enough for approx. 20m²


Drying Time
Leave 3 hours to dry


Easy Clean Technology
Wipe away stains with just water

Technical Documentation
For more information, please download
ur Technical Documentation sheet : EN, DE


Health and Safety
For more information, please download
Safety Data Sheet: EN, DE


Product Description

Water dispersion paint based on high-quality polymer emulsion, pigments, fillers and special additives that enhance the product's quality and performance properties.

  • Forms a smooth, fine pleasant-to-the-touch  with citrusy smell, long-lasting matt finish.


  • Easy to apply with excellent spreadability and adhesion on painted surfaces achieving excellent coverage.

The product has еxtremely durable coating, very easy to maintain and clean. Due to being abrasion and detergent resistant, you can remove stubborn marks without damaging the paint on your wall, keeping your home and office looking great for longer.


This product is perfect for interior design solutions in homes, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, kindergartens, gyms and other multi-functional public buildings.


Used for decorative protection of walls, ceilings, concrete, cement and lime-cement surfaces and plasterboard in indoor areas.

Application Description

The paint should be thoroughly mixed before use

Apply to sound, well-cleaned surfaces.

Priming with a suitable wall primer is recommended.

Apply in two coats at intervals of about 3 hours with a brush or a roller. 

For achieving the best results, it is advised that the temperature of the treated surface does not exceed +35°C and the relative ambient humidity should be 60%.

After finishing work, the tools should be cleaned immediately with water.

Work at temperatures above +10°C


Note: The paint supplied is ready for use. If necessary, it can be diluted with water up to 5%.

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